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Early Learning

Experience our Early Learning program designed to spark curiosity and imagination, guiding children in their initial steps towards knowledge and creativity.


Enrichment Classes

Dive into a world of enrichment with our program offering a diverse range of classes to enhance your child’s skills and interests.


Physical Education

Join our Physical Education program which not only develops physical abilities but also instills essential values like discipline and cooperation.


Creative Arts

Unleash your creativity and express yourself through our Creative Arts program, where imagination meets skill in a vibrant and supportive environment.


Why choose Guroo Vashisht Vidyapeeth for my child’s education?

Guroo Vashisht Vidyapeeth is dedicated to providing top-quality education with a holistic approach at an affordable price, ensuring your child’s well-rounded development.

How are the programs at Guroo Vashisht Vidyapeeth structured?

Our programs are designed to offer a balanced mix of academic learning, extracurricular activities, and personal development, all tailored to support your child’s growth.

What makes Guroo Vashisht Vidyapeeth unique?

Our school stands out for its experienced educators, focus on holistic growth, best amenities, and commitment to nurturing each child’s learning journey.

Can I visit the school premises before enrolling?

Yes, we encourage parents to schedule a visit to experience our facilities, interact with faculty, and get a feel for the nurturing environment their child will be in.

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